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9.16.17 - The blog is evolving but these great women made big contributions with their talents in its early days.  You can see what they are up to below...

Lindy Turner (aka CraftedbyLindy) makes wonderful cards, prints, and stationary.

"I've been obsessed with paper for a number of years. When I made the decision to stay at home with my son full time I decided I needed something for me. I've been making cards and stationary for a number of years so I quickly started working on some images and opened my Etsy shop in February of 2009. "

She joined the alamodeStuff family on September 22, 2009. She has a keen eye for finding great items on Etsy and shares them with us on her regular post.

Lindy's Etsy shop  || blog  || twitter  ||  facebook


Diana Brennan (aka DSBrennan Photography) joined alamodeStuff blog on July 18, 2010.

"My images are inspired by nature and my background in environmental science. I believe the essence of a scene is often captured best by photographing the details. My work evokes my love of natural New England, my awareness of the environment, and my passion to create."

Her weekly photo post, Captured, highlights photos by various photographers that capture Diana's eye.

Diana's website  ||  blog  ||  twitter  ||  facebook


Candy Glendering (aka CandiedFabrics) is a textile artist.  She joined alamodeStuff on August 2, 2010.

"I find that I must be making something, and the media that sings to me is white fabric and dye. I dye fabric and then use this fabric to make art quilts as well as items I call “Everyday Art”: bags to carry your stuff, silk scarves to drape around your neck: these are all opportunities to create an item that brings joy to the senses of sight and touch."

Candy will answer your questions in her regular post, "Ask Candy."

Candy's website || blog || twitter || facebook

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