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My name is Candy [a contributor to this blog]….and I’m addicted to doing things for myself! I’ve been this way all my life, and I’ve learned lots of things along the way. Although my main creative urges are put into dyeing fabric and using it to make art quilts and “everyday art”, I also love to tackle all sorts of home decorating projects (often with the hubby to supply the labor, thanks hon!).

My blogging has led me to explore web design, and twitter and facebook keep me company when I’m tied up in my studio, making for my next art fair.

I’ve been selling my art both online and at local art fairs for close to four years now, so I’ve had some experience with the business side of selling and marketing. Oh, I do all this while teaching intro biology at a university and raising 2 boys (9 & 13) with my ever supportive husband.

Whatever I do, I like to know why I’m doing it, and I would love to share what I’ve learned with you. So, send me your questions and I’ll take a stab at answering them!

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 home decor 
 blogging/web design 
 small business 
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