Friday, August 19, 2011

A positive mommy moment - OM [one moment] meet up

E in his new school uniform, looking sharp.

The other afternoon, E (9yo) sadly came into the house from playing with some neighbor friends outside.  He had experienced something, with one of the adults, that caused him dismay.  It was a situation where he read into the adult's expression and it made him feel badly.

One of the most challenging things in parenting is teaching your child a life lesson that has gray areas.   Relationships are nuanced and sometimes that is easily lost on kids, even adults at times.

We talked about the situation for quite a few minutes.  I felt like I wasn't getting through to him, as I often feel in these types of conversations.  But, we kept talking...and talking.  Suddenly he said, "Thanks, Mom.  You've made me feel much better about it."

Such a great feeling to have made him feel better and to know he was processing what I was saying.  That moment really made my week.

I want to hear about your week.  Did you have a revelation?  Did something funny happen?  Please share!

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