Friday, April 15, 2011

Would you rather...? OM [one moment] meet up #48

Warning: The first paragraph is a *downer dump.  If you do not want to be exposed to it, please skip and begin reading paragraph two.

It's been a tough week. I won't sugar coat it. My back is out. We think it's a ruptured disc. I've spent many hours in the horizontal position. I've watched 4 movies on Netflix in 1 1/2 days and even started to watch Glee. The pain is constant and has reminded me of my labor pains with the boys. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever feel like my old self again.

E started reading from his new book, Would You Rather...? (the radically repulsive version), this morning.  The questions were ridiculous and gross.  But, being a good sport, I had to answer the questions.

27/52 - Would you rather?  Project 52
Question number 1:
Would you rather eat 25 jalapeno peppers each day
drink a glass of blended insects?

Question number 2:
Would you rather have jellyfish tentacles for hair
bat wings for ears? (things to think about: stinging your own face, stinging your enemies, fanning yourself on hot days with your wings, getting haircuts)

There was another question involving boogers as dimes but I can't seem to find it.

As strange as it may be, this book (along with the fact that E loved it so much) really made my morning.  Each question immediately relieved me from my pain and general blah attitude.  I felt silly, yet answered each with utter certainty including thoughtful reasons that justified my choices. 

This book has been by my side all day.  When I begin feeling sorry for myself, I reach for it, ask myself a goofy question, and thoughtfully give myself the answer. 

So, how would you answer those questions?
You can see my answers on my Facebook fan page - discussions.

*Downer dump - a deluge of information that is negative; to moan and grown out loud; to complain, vent, or kvetch.

om [one moment] meet upOM is a weekly meet up that promotes living in the moment.  Whether funny, sad, ridiculous, or banal, actively looking for and sharing these moments will promote balance in our lives.

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