Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daisy Janie fabric + Sew Mama Sew Pillow Contest = a great personal challenge

I mentioned that a few new projects had come my way.  Today, I will share one of those projects with you.

Several weeks ago, my good blog friend Jan of Daisy Janie and I were tweeting back and forth about great projects that could be made with her beautiful new shades of grey organic fabric.  She mentioned a pillow making contest by Sew Mama Sew and tossed out the idea that I could make a pillow using shades of grey and my woven seat belt pillow design.

My first response was that I don't consider myself a seamstress.  I don't know how to quilt and I rarely, if ever, follow pattern directions.  I'm a rogue sewer.  I've always admired quilters for their patience, technique, and meticulous eye for detail.  These are qualities I have not nurtured in the sewing arena.  I'm the queen of instant gratificationEarl of the easy way outCountess of cutting corners.  Besides, there was the added pressure of cutting and sewing Jan's beautiful new fabric


The seed was planted.  I stopped by Sew Mama Sew and read up on the contest and decided I was up for the challenge.  After all, I've blogged a lot about opening myself up to new opportunities and exploring possibilities.  I've seen wonderful things happen when I step out of my comfort zone and take risks.

So, without further adieu, here is my submission for the Sew Mama Sew pillow contest.  I used two of Jan's fabrics:  zipper tape and dapple dot.  During construction, I decided to use dark grey seat belt webbing for the sides.  The structure and contrast it gives is a nice addition to the pillow.  I cut out 28 strips of fabric, sewed, ironed (ironing is generally never something I do), top sticthed, wove and hand finished the pillow.  This is the end result:

Win or lose, I am so happy I took this personal challenge.  I'm grateful Jan shared the idea with me and entrusted me with her wonderful fabric (thank you, Jan).  I enjoyed the process and am completely thrilled with the result.

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