Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hiking Pack Monadnock in New Hampshire - another dog friendly find

Yesterday was utterly beautiful and much needed after a week of rain.  We loaded the family, including Sophie, into the car and drove 2 hours to Miller State Park in New Hampshire for a day hike.
"Located on the 2,290-foot summit and flank of Pack Monadnock in Peterborough,Miller is the oldest state park in New Hampshire. A winding 1.3-mile paved road leading to the scenic summit is open for visitors to drive in summer and on spring and fall weekends. Picnicking and hiking are popular activities at the scenic mountain park. Three main hiking trails ascend Pack Monadnock to the summit. The best known is the Wapack Trail, which is a 21-mile footpath that extends from Mt. Watatic in Ashburnham, Massachusetts to North Pack Monadnock in Greenfield." [source]

Hard to believe that tomorrow school begins again.  I'm sad to see it come yet eager to find our routine.

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