Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet summer distractions

bear banks
Bear banks, originally uploaded by alamodestuff.
Well, the summer isn't quite going as planned. C is working all the time - literally, all the time (when he's home he has the pager clipped to the collar of his shirt). The boys are finally in camp and the time I have to get any sort of work accomplished (be it business or home) is limited. I'm trying hard to go with the flow but that goes directly against my nature.

So, my blog friends, be patient in the next two months. I'm uncertain where my head will be and how my blog posts will fair. I am distracted.

The other day E and I stopped into a downtown toy store while M was getting his hair cut. These cute bear banks were sitting on the shelf and I couldn't resist snapping photos of them (with my iPhone, btw). May they bring a smile to your day!

Let me know what's going on with you this summer. Is it good so far? Any tips on keeping the sanity?

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