Friday, July 2, 2010

OM [one moment] meet up - week #12 - Life goes on

I walked out on our patio one morning this week to find this spider suspended between my two deck chairs. Little did it know that these chairs are used and moved around daily. I took some photos, kept Sophie from running between the chairs and contemplated the spiders existence. Then, in a blink of an eye, E ran out of the house and through the web to sit down next to me. There goes that web. I'm certain the spider, although jolted, found solace elsewhere.

I realized in this moment, that the spider can teach me a great deal about handling stress in life. We go about our day doing the best we can and never know when something will happen to upset the comfortable world we've built for ourselves. Great or small, these incidents can jolt us a bit. It's best that we just shake ourselves off and go about life as we know it. I doubt the spider sat around and contemplated its next move. It simply found another place to rebuild its web. Life goes on.

What was your 'one moment' this week? What took you out of your present moment and made you think, laugh, sigh?

Share in the blog comments here, on your own blog (and link back below) or on my Facebook fan page. If you are on Twitter, I've started a hash tag - #OMmeetup so that we can converse if we'd like. We'd love to hear your moment this week!

om [one moment] meet up

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