Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Silly Bandz, the newest craze with kids

Have you seen or heard about the newest craze with the kids - Silly Bandz?!  It's been in the news, in the New York Times, even the guy at McDonalds (yes, I go there once in a while bc I like their fish sammys.  There, I said it.) was talking about it.  This one creeped up and surprised the heck out of me. 

Two weeks ago, the elementary kids were collecting the gel pencil grips and then BAM, these Silly Bandz came out of no where!

Our local bookstore sold 76 packs the day they got them (79 after we came in) $2.50/per for a small bag of 12.  They had buckets full of them and more were coming in next week.
collect ' 'em...wear 'em...

Let's cut to the chase...these are rubber bands, people...rubber bands!!

So, I want to know how the company development meeting went.  Was it something like this,
Aren't you sick of the old tan rubber bands?  Let's shake the office supply world up a bit with bright colors and wacky shapes.
Let's market rubber bands to the kiddies by telling them they can collect ' 'em...wear 'em...Parents will buy their kids anything!!
From a capitalism/free enterprise/gorilla marketing standpoint, these are genius. 
From a parent's standpoint...ARGH!!!  I haven't caught my breath from the last "gotta have them" craze!

I know, I know, who's the idiot here?  > pointing at self < 

I don't fault the entrepreneurial mastermind behind these things.  $5.00 for 24 rubber bands - the profit margin must be amazing on these things!

I did make E pay for them himself.  Well, actually he took out a loan from me.  $12.00 later we have 57 bands (55 since one has broken and one was given to his friend).  But, he still doesn't have the rare, elusive blue elephant. 

Pet rocks...beanie babies...Pokemon (insert any name here) cards...rubber bands!!!

Friends, we are smart people.  Let's put our minds together and come up with the next big craze to push to our kids.  Maybe even one with some staying power...cotton candy flavored broccoli?

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