Friday, April 30, 2010

OM [one moment] meet up - week #4 - punch buggy yellow, no punch backs!

Square Bug - San Francisco, originally uploaded by Count Rushmore.

This week's OM meetup is brought to you by the Volkswagen Beetle.

Driving to the store one morning, after dropping E off at school, I saw a Volkswagen Beetle coming toward me. I immediately thought, "Punch buggy blue, no punch backs."

For those of you familiar with this game, you won't think I'm too crazy. If you are unfamiliar, here are some rules to the game (and you may still think I'm crazy). My kids and I play this all the time. If we see a VW Bug, we shout those words and gently (most of the time) punch each other in the arm. We've even added the terms "classic and convertible" to our rules. When I was a kid, I think we referred to it as "slug bug."

So, my moment this week stems from habit, kids games, and the smile I got when I realized I "punch bugged" myself.

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