Friday, April 16, 2010

OM [one moment] meet up - week #2

OM [one moment] meet up is a weekly gathering of shared moments that make each of us pause and connect with life.  learn more here and join us!
om [one moment] meet up

I'm excited that so many of you want to participate in this meet up.  I appreciate your comments and have enjoyed reading your moments and feeling your enthusiasm.  Thank you!

In anticipation of this first official One Moment meet up (I know many of us started last week), I've found myself searching all week for special "moments." This is a great thing, right?!  It doesn't at all surprise me, that my moment came yesterday morning while dropping E (my 8yr old) off at school. Many of my moments are revealed through him as I've posted in the past.

As E left the car and headed to the school door, he approached a classmate and greeted him with a pat on the back. His friend, in turn, did the same to him. That was it. Nothing more. Just a pat and then they both ran in to the school.

To see such young kids perform this warm gesture was moving. It immediately reminded me of the importance of acknowledging our friends, family, other people with even a small gesture of saying, "hey, what's up, buddy?" 

So what was your moment this week?
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