Friday, March 5, 2010

Wishing Spring

Wishing Spring, originally uploaded by Sator Arepo.

This photo makes me want to aimlessly roam an old European city. Can't you get lost in it?

My week in preview:

Getting used to the new pup. Things are progressing nicely, but I've not been able to accomplish as much as I'd hoped. Trying to take each moment as they come. This is a great lesson in patience for me. Just as many of you mentioned, my heart would open wide and it has [I'm looking much like this]. As imagined, she has attached herself to me and doesn't let me out of her sight. I had to move her big bed into my studio/office so I could get some work done. I've even taken to showering with her in the bathroom just like I used to when the boys were babies.

I'm anxious to make some new things, but another week has gone by. I guess there's always next week.

Have a wonderul weekend!

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