Friday, March 19, 2010

Old mill photos - #3

I've saved some of my favorite photos, from the old mill/warehouse/factory, for last (you can see additional mill photo posts here). Several of these have such vibrant color that I can't help but love staring at them.

It must be the colors and the arrow [or perhaps my twisted mind],
but I can't help thinking this exit is pointing to hell.

I love the contrast of the chain against the background of this photo.

As we left the buildling, it was drizzling outside and the red of this hydrant caught my eye. I hesitated to stop to take the photo, however I'm so glad I did. This may be one of my favorite shots ever. I did not tweak it at all and love how it turned out: the color, the background bokeh, the composition.

I love chairs and I love this blue. Enough said.

I was messing around with layers and textures. I liked how this photo turned out.

So, I need your advice. For the past several years, I've considered (and have had requests) making some of my photos available for purchase. I don't consider myself anything but an amateur photographer - always learning and experimenting with no mastery of my camera. I do love to take photographs, particularly of urban and everyday life subjects with vibrant colors. I consider myself lucky to get good shots.

What do you think? Photography friends, I'm asking you as well.

Should I offer some as prints and cards?

To see more of my photography, you can visit my flickr here. To see all of these mill photos visit my empty factory set here. I will be adding more photos to this set but will not be posting them on my blog.

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