Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photos of old warehouse in Woonsocket, RI

As promised, here are some pictures I took at an old, nearly abandoned warehouse in Woonsocket, RI.

If you ever have the chance to explore an old place like this, be sure to bring your camera. Old buildings like this can be so inspirational (see other inspirations here). I loved the odd items left behind, old broken windows, bright paint colors, and light pouring through the windows.

I can only share a few pictures in this post since I haven't had a lot of time to upload and edit all of them (due to the new pup - also the reason this post was so late). More to come!!

Through an old metal bookshelf, a bright green glow caught my eye. It was the 2 stall bathroom with a large porcelain sink. I loved the retro green and old fixtures.

Taped with plastic, the light poured in through this window making the bathroom glow.

This scale was used to weigh large items, perhaps pallets of yarn. Its large metal base was flush with the floor. Not realizing it was there, I stepped on it. It was about 15 lbs off.

This flag hung in what appeared to be a main entrance to this space. It seemed poignant that it still hung while everything else was gone. It was as if taking it down really meant finality to this company and the people who spent time here.

[click photos for larger view]

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