Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Parenting problem solving

Okay, what's a baby shower without funny parenting stories! So, I'm going to share a real life story from my own parenting archives.

When my oldest son (now 13) was just months old, we were flying him around the US (by plane) to introduce him to various relatives. As we were boarding a small aircraft, my husband was holding M over his shoulder. We had just finished feeding M some peaches which he proceeded to spit up all over C's shoulder. Realizing we didn't have time to change M (not to mention we were out of clean clothes) and the line was moving, a decision had to be made. Thinking quickly, C looked at the spit up (essentially just peaches) and licked it off his own shoulder. No one knew the better. Of course, that story is repeated often.

Do you have a funny parenting story to share with Lindy?

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