Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Find a penny, pick it up

Money, originally uploaded by Leaca's Philosophy.

A penny saved is a penny earned.
A penny for your thoughts.

Yesterday, I found myself scrambling around the house looking for loose change. Both boys needed lunch money and I didn't feel like writing a check nor did I have cash. Luckily, I have jars, bowls, and various other containers located strategically around my house (...my bedroom make-up table, mudroom closet, laundry closet above washer, family room sofa table). This has proven to be a useful and decorative way to manage those annoying piles of coins I've found everywhere. What's more, I've found that I actually use pennies much more. With this economy in the clinker, we could use every penny we find! Click photos for original sources.

{365:5} abundance, originally uploaded by Leaca's Philosophy.

Avatar in 3D., originally uploaded by macyyyyyk.

Generosity, originally uploaded by Caroline Sumner.

beach jar, originally uploaded by jade :: chikaustin.

loose change, originally uploaded by digiyesica.

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