Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Never say never or if the tutu fits

I'm about to embark on something I never thought I do. For those who know me personally, it's okay. I'm doing it for the right reason. I've put my personal biases aside and have come to terms with my decision.

Here it is...

I'm going to make a tutu. Yes, you read correctly. A tutu - a ballerina, flouncy, tulle gathered tutu. Not for me, but for my niece. Oh, and I'm not going to stop there. I'm making a headband, a wand, and a matching mini tutu for a stuffed animal.
I know what you're thinking. This, from a girl who left behind all things girlie for years of tailored black. I blamed my parents for making me live in a pink and lavender room for so many years. Imagine, me in a room with a white canopy bed and matching furniture with gold trim, pink shag carpet, and pink floral wallpaper (having replaced the pink and purple ballerinas of my younger years). I had two sets of bedspreads and curtains - pink and purple. That was so I could change between the seasons - you know, girlie and frillie. By the way, this room still exists but without the canopy bed which I outgrew.

Here's the back story. I asked my brother what my 3 year old neice would like for her birthday. He said all things girly...princesses, dress up, tutus, etc. So, I went on Etsy to find a tutu. There were so many wonderfully frilly tutus from which to choose. As I shopped, I had a crazy idea. Why don't I make her one. After all, with two boys, I need to step out of my comfort zone. And, I love the idea of making her this gift. So, I set out to learn how to make a tutu.

Where would we be without Goggle and the Internet. Of course, there are many tu[tu]-torials (pun intended) out there. This should be fun.

Needing some inspiration, I searched Flickr for some photos. I was happy to find many tutus that would be more in line with my own personal aesthetic. I was even inspired to make my own gallery for inspiration. Check out my Punk Rock Tutu gallery here.

I will document my adventure and post it when I'm finished. I will even provide my own tu[tu]-torial for kicks. Stayed tuned!

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