Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sewing tools of the trades

E came up to me the other morning and said, "Mom, I want to show you my sewing."

Wow, I had no idea he was working on a solo project. We usually make puppets, stuffed creatures, Naruto headbands, and the like together.

"Dad taught me how to stitch last night." He points to the table and I see what they were up to while M and I were at karate the night before. C had pulled out the tools of his trade and taught E how to sew surgical knots...with my linocut rubber (stamp/printmaking supplies) none the less.

It hadn't escaped me that C and I both sew for a living...he on flesh and I on fabric (hmm...a great title for something...flesh and fabric...). It is fair that the kids would get to learn both. However, I'm feeling a shift in occupational interest from working at Build a Bear to working in the ER. I guess it was inevitable.

E showed me how he could make a stitch using the suture scissors while not touching the rubber or the needle with his fingers. I was impressed. I could use that technique with my seat belts as my fingers are sore from hand stitching. Maybe I can get both of them to practice while helping me make bags.

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