Friday, November 20, 2009

Have you resisted the Twilight series?

At first, I resisted reading the Twilight series. Aren't they meant for teen girls? I honestly didn't think I could like, much less be interested in, another series of vampire books. I was a die hard Anne Rice fan and haven't read any books like that since the 90's. Additionally, I couldn't believe that someone would be able to add anything new to the genre.

I took this photo when we were vacationing on the Cape this summer.

I don't remember what prompted me to pick up the book in the first place, but I succumbed and read the first one. Shortly there after, (like, in two days) I quickly read the remaining 3 books.

One of my customers (a store) asked if I would make something "Twilight" influenced for her younger clients. I initially wanted to stay away from such a trend. Again, I succumbed. However, I wanted to make something completely obscure. I came up with switch plates and necklaces with a phrase that could be found in the book but that I've also used with my kids -- be safe. The necklace is more talisman for anyone and can be purchased in my Etsy shop here.

With the opening New Moon, I couldn't resist offering up another Twilight inspired item. I don't plan to put these in my Etsy shop. For now I'll only offer them on my blog. These were nothing I set out to create, but rather stumbled upon and couldn't resist offering them.

Bella's truck - earrings: The images are embedded in glass like resin atop a 3/4" metal round. The earring wires are sterling silver. I think they'd make a great gift for any Twilight fan or someone that has a particular affinity to old pick up trucks. They are $12.00 /pair.

Bella's truck - $12.00/pair

You can admit it here among friends. Did you read the books? Are you going to see the new movie? It is okay, you are not alone!

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