Monday, October 12, 2009

Today I was a rock star! ZOO-WEE MAMA!

Today I was a rock star not in the sense that I had paparazzi surrounding me or fans clamoring for my autograph. Not like a Miley Cyrus (did I just put that name in my own blog) or a Gwen Stefani (did I also just type those two names in the same sentence?). No, today, I was a rock star in the eyes of two 8 year old boys.

Tickets to see the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney, were being given out on Saturday at our local Borders in Providence. I learned of this from my lovely friend, Katy, through Facebook. Before I could stop myself, I had asked E if he wanted to go to this event. In slow motion and as the words escaped my lips, I could hear my inner voice yell, "NOOOOOOO!"

Now it was out there.

I had to deliver.

The store opened at 10:00 AM. I was there at 9:00 AM certain that I'd be the only person there. Nah, I was already about 8th in a line that continued growing 'til the store opened. While I used to stand in line for punk rock concerts, I'm now standing in line with other crazy...I mean, dedicated parents for book signing tickets. And not by Nobel Laureate authors, no offense Jeff, but for an author who has coined the phrase "ZOO-WEE MAMA" or "the cheese touch. "

If you are not familiar with this series, here is the site with some details about the books. This series was the first that my, then, 7 year old son devoured. He woke up at 4 AM on a Saturday morning (the day after we bought the series) to finish these books. I'm sure there is a different award for an author who has the ability to make little boys excited about reading and it's as important to parents as the Nobel prize is to the world.

So, my being one of the first in line on Saturday morning paid off. We were in section 1, row 2 - the mosh pit, so to speak, of book signing. We had a great view of the presentation. We were the first group to have our books signed. We were also lucky enough to get an autograph by one of the actors in the upcoming movie. Yes, there is a movie coming out in 2010. Sorry, I'm afraid I can't say much about it for fear the movie studio will come after me.

The boys came home for a play date, sat on the couch and began quietly reading. You must understand that these are two boys with a lot of energy. E has only sat still for this long when reading these books. Jeff, no pressure, but please keep writing the books and keep them coming quickly.

So, I was a rock star today in the eyes of my 8 year old and his friend. That, for me, means I've made it...for the moment.

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