Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hump Day Humor - 8 yr. old develops a new line of air fresheners

My boys have picked up on some of my marketing and selling habits. I'm impressed and sometimes a bit disturbed by their ideas. E has been known to sell rocks at the end of our driveway. The fact is that with the right marketing and product display, he actually makes sales. He has also made piles of "books" (each personally signed) from scrap paper and sells them to his grandpa just like an online publishing company.

The other day, while C was making dinner, E came up with a line of "real life" air fresheners that he thinks everyone needs. He doesn't know that some of them have already been developed but the others, as gross as they sound, are actually brilliant. If you think about it, we use air fresheners to distract our senses from an existing odor. Who says the distraction has to be palatable? Wouldn't a good jolt of stinky socks solve the broiled fish smell from last night's dinner?

Warning, the following may be gross and socially unacceptable. Read at your own risk!

This is his list, in his words, of "Air Fresheners we Really Need:"

1. Basil (done, but I love that he likes the fresh scent of this herb)
2. Poop (what can I say about this one?)
3. Cookies, the tossed kind (wow, nothing would distract me more!)
4. Real cookies (Whew!)
5. Brownies
6. Bread
7. Coffee (the kid has a great nose!)
8. Trash
9. Nana's refrigerator, the smell of rotten milk and stinky cheese (sorry, Nana)
10. Pasta sauce
11. Karate studio, the smell of mold and sweaty feet (sorry, Rocky)

I'd encourage him to change the name of this line to "Air Distractors We Really Need." There isn't anything fresh about most of these.

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