Friday, October 9, 2009

A fun Halloween tradition - ghosting

Late in the evening yesterday, the doorbell rang.
We weren't expecting anyone.
The lights were out.
We opened the door and found a bag of goodies, a note, and a picture of a ghost.
We saw rustling in the nearby bush.
Who's there?!

We were GHOSTED!

Are you familiar with this little neighborhood tradition? It was new to us when we move here 5 years ago. Each year when it happens, it not only surprises us but gives us a little rush of excitement.
Even if you don't have kids, trick your friends with this little treat and spread the Halloween fun.

Here's what you do:

1) Print two ghostly notes here.

2) Print two of these GHOST pics here.

3) Pick two neighbors/friends and stealthily deliver these with some goodies.

4) Stand back and watch the fun surprise unfold!

Halloween is my favorite "holiday." I have more ghoulish treats, projects, and decor coming your way. Stay tuned!

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