Thursday, September 3, 2009

Listography: the ultimate journal for list makers and my newest blog feature - #101

While shopping on the Cape, I happened upon this new series of journals called Listography: Your Life in Lists. My first thought was what a great gift for my mother-in-law, the queen of list making. My second thought was that this is perfect for those of us with an aversion to keeping What a fantastic way to chronicle and share bits of my life in an easy to digest format (the made for TV version will come much later).

I bought these two copies. I need to buy more...and for many different people. [friends/family spoiler alert: this is your next gift.]. Since I blog, I decided that I'd add my listography as a blog feature. These will be evolving as I know I'll come back and add to the lists. After all, part of the reason I have to make lists is because of my forgetfulness. So, join in the fun...leave me comments with your own additions to each listography post. Today's list:

What were your favorite childhood shows?

Gilligan's Island - (I liked Mary Ann)
The Brady Bunch - (found Jan disturbing)
HR Puff and Stuff
Captain Kangaroo - (loved Mr. Green Jeans)
Sesame Street - (all time favorite)
Electric Company
The Banana Splits
The Partridge Family
The Monkees - (Micky Dolenz was my fav)
Land of the Lost - (spent countless hours pretending to be in the L of the L) a 'tween...
The Twilight Zone
Fantasy Island
Charlies Angels
Love Boat
Love American Style
Carol Burnett
You can learn more about these and other Listography books here.

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