Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Engaging my child as I work

Sometimes, I just have to get work done even as my kids are pleading for my attention. Today is such a day. I have family coming in to visit, vacation to prepare for, and orders that must get finished and out the door. So, as E begged to draw with me, I decided to set up a "studio" space in my own studio for him to draw while I work.

As a kid, I spent many hours playing "office" or "designer." I'd set up my "studio" in my bedroom and pull out my fashion plates. I just couldn't wait to be an adult with a real working office. The grass is always greener, right?!

E was happy to sit near me and draw for a bit. He balked at my idea of pretending and insisted on calling this space his studio. He moved in all of his supplies. Then he asked if he could sell his art online. I could be encouraging a budding entrepreneur or paving the way to life as a starving artist. Oh, well, at least he is having fun and I'm getting work done while spending time together.

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