Thursday, July 2, 2009

Okay, who do we choose to throw overboard?

Day ???? of grey, dreary weather. I woke up to the loud cracks of lightening and thunder. What is going on with this weather on the East Coast? C even called me from the hospital to say that his surgeries have been put on hold for fear of the electricity going out.

On the drive to drop off E to camp, I noticed flooding in the fields at the local school and golf course. So much water. I wish we could pipe it to those who need it. Surprisingly, a few positive things came to mind this morning

  1. I've not had to water any of my garden or yard.
  2. The lawn is looking lush and green.
  3. We've not dealt with any sunburns.
  4. I took that lovely leaf photo.

Okay, I'm stretching to find the brighter side of things. What are you doing to keep yourself out of the gloom?

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