Friday, June 5, 2009

An obsession with Little People

I'm talking the toy, not actual people. It's another one of my childhood obsessions - Fisher Price Little People. I played with them for hours. I had the airplane, the garage, the house, the city. I envied anyone who owned the barn (with mooing doors), bus, and airport.

Just like the games I mentioned in an earlier post (here), I've purchased the house, the garage, the playground, the barn and the city for my kids. They'll likely have fond memories of their own sets but, in my opinion, nothing compares to the original wooden pressed board sets.

No longer peg like and made of wood, the new figures are more detailed with glasses, and clothes. One of the things I remember and loved the most about the original set was the plastic hat hair, painted faces, and generic bodies (except the "mom" whose volumptous body set her apart).

The additions of Asian and Hispanic dolls have been a huge improvement to the collection. When I was a kid, they only had an African American doll. Somehow, I still have Eddie (the name I gave him). He's one of two dolls (both boys) I have left from my original collection. I'm not sure how or why I held onto them, but they've been with me for 43 years some time!

A while back, I grabbed "Eddie" and started taking photos of him in our backyard. When E (my 7 year old) noticed and asked what I was doing, I told him that Eddie was going on an adventure. Viola, my travel/photo mascot was born. I hope to make "Eddie's Adventures" into photo books for my boys. So far, Eddie has been to the beach in RI, the Golden Gate Bridge in SF, and even sat on a mid century modern chair. He's a great travel companion...doesn't take up much room.

Some favorite handmade Little People items:

Father's Day cards by craftedbyLindy

paintings by foodpainter

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