Thursday, June 11, 2009 opens new office in Providence, RI - USA launch party tonight [last]!

[see update below - 6.12.09]

They're from London. They print beautiful products. They are known for their mini cards. They drink...pigs ear?! Okay, beer. AND they 've opened an office here in Providence. Woo, hoo!

If you know them, you love them. If you aren't familiar with Moo, let me introduce you. They are the innovative geniuses behind the mini contact cards.

"MOO dreams up new tools that help people turn their virtual content into beautiful print products for the real world. Our first product, MiniCards, came about when we realized that sometimes, we wanted to hand out details of our personal sites, and we just didn't have a nice way to do it. A business card was too cheesy, too serious, or too... businessy, and didn't represent us the way we really are. A hastily scribbled piece of paper is more personal, but who ever has paper or a pen when you want it? We needed something else. [source]

Tonight, they are having a USA launch party right here in Providence. And I'm going! I must admit I very excited! I also get to meet many of my Twitter friends face-to-face. I love it when social networking comes together! I'll spill the details, I promise!

[update - 6.12.09]

As promised, here's the updated scoop. My friend and I dusted off our party dresses, put on our lashes, and mingled at the Moo party. We had a great time meeting the staff, and other friends of Moo. I particularly enjoyed meeting the live person behind the avatars of @adarowski and @jenville (both Twitter friends and fellow bloggers). It's always great to see the BatchBlue people. They keep me tethered to the tech world as I aspire to be just like them (never gonna happen).

Leave it to Moo to come up with these great Mini Moo card holders which they passed out in multitude at the party. Designed to facilitate the one handed "here's my card" move at social gatherings, this little number is going to be put to good use. Now I have to decide which of my products/photos I want for my new Mini Moo cards I'll be ordering! Thanks, Moo!

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