Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am pissy today. How are you?!

Do not disturb sign, originally uploaded by Marc Johns.

It's only taken me about 12 years (from start of C's career change) to realize that when life gets frenetic, so do I. I've only recently begun to look at the stimulus surrounding me to admit that it's okay for me to be feeling as such.

End of school chaos (school plays, fundraisers, concerts, homework, etc); husband working very long hours (I don't feel like I've seen him in 2 weeks - we are literally 2 ships passing); thinking ahead for summer (camps, visitors, schedules, shows); worrying about finances, sudden unforeseen expenses, my business expenses, world peace, know, LIFE!

So, I'm embracing my pissiness today knowing that soon this will pass. However, I felt it necessary to vent. Do not cross me today (yes, I'll be wearing my belt today, available for purchase here ;-0).

Please feel free to let it out in the comments. If you're feeling well today, say it! We'll rejoice in your great spirit. If you are feeling bitchy, say that and I will commiserate with you. Let's let it out together!

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