Monday, June 22, 2009

DIY - How to make an invisible floating bookshelf

Modern Monday: There is nothing more modern these days than recycling or upcycling, repurposing an object to make it into a product of higher quality. Here is a great do it yourself project for those books you may have laying around your house.

We have boxes of books that we've kept (not sure why) for many years. Many are text books from college, most of which are utterly outdated and obsolete. Since we've paid movers to move them a half a dozen times or so, I feel compelled to keep them. When I came across this video, I knew my old books had a higher calling - invisible floating bookshelves. I had seen this done several years ago in stores, but now the secret is out.

I haven't actually made one myself yet, but it is on my to do craft list. Perhaps I'll tackle it this summer. When I do, I'll post pictures. If you aren't inclined to make one yourself, buy one for a reasonable price on Etsy here. If you do make one, please send me pictures and I'll add them to the post.

For other great recycled magazine projects see earlier posts here and here.

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