Saturday, June 6, 2009

Decorated cakes and carnival games bring out the kid in us all!

Today was my son's annual elementary school carnival. It's a big end of year fundraiser sponsored by our PTO and is always lots of fun for the kids. We have a silent auction, dancing, performances, games, moonwalks, a dj, and food.

Each year, the cakewalk is a huge hit. I've never made a cake for this event and am always amazed at the great ideas people come up with. I may be crafty, but I know my limitations!

Here are just of few of my favorites this year. Click on the pics for larger view.

Okay, how cool is this hamburger?!

Corn on the cob - the kernels are made from yellow and white jelly belly's.

Sydney, Australia - notice the Opera House on the left

The boys loved the shark!

The green cake is of lawn mowers mowing grass and
the one below is bears on the beach.

Our bus #5

Bucket o'cake goodness

Bears on the beach

What's a cakewalk w/out Barbie?

Each classroom sponsored a game.
These were equally as creative and fun:

Toss the chum into the sharks mouth

Go Fish

Fish toss into cups - this cute fish landed this way from a toss

Another fish toss - guy made from pvc pipes

Ball toss - the pole has various sized hooks and
the balls are dog toys. They work quite nicely!

Mystery tubes - ea. family filled a tube full of toys for under $5.
Kids used their tickets to purchase them.

The booty - this is what the kids live for...the penny toys!

It's always fun to end the year with this event. We get to see families that we haven't seen in a long time. The kids run around with their friends. Even the big kids come out to play. Fun is had by all!

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