Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Was I the last to know about solar powered watches?

I am the accidental collector. I don't collect anything on purpose, but after years of accumulating, I end up with collections of things. One of said collections is of watches. Without the intention of saving them (and many I didn't), somehow I've ended up with at least 20 or more.

My first was a Cinderella watch that came with a similar figurine as the one shown below. I remember loving that watch so much that I wouldn't wear it for fear of scratching it.

One of my most valued is an antique wind-up my mother gave me from her childhood in Vietnam. I don't know the whole story behind it, but it must be at least 65+ years old.

I've had Swatch Watches in clear and solid black (at the time, it had to be the all black one with no numbers). Do you remember the Swatch Guards and wearing multiples?! It's hard for me to admit that these are considered vintage now. We're only talking the '80s!
I also have dress watches, cheap watches, and fake name watches. Around Christmas, the last of my battery operated watches died. I was going to gather up the bunch and schlep out to our local mall's watch shop to buy new batteries for all of them. Of course, procrastination got the best of me and by the 25th I was still watchless. Luckily, hubby surprised me with this great Citizen's Eco-Drive solar powered watch. Yup! I'll never have to wind it, replace batteries, or whine about the aforementioned again. How cool and who knew?!

So, if you are in the market for a new watch, consider going green! Oh, and apparently, the people who wear it are unstoppable, just like the watch:

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