Friday, May 15, 2009

Heading west to discover new territory

I'm not posting my inspiration/interpretation weekly feature today as I'm heading to San Francisco. I'll be back by the middle of next week. I have scheduled some posts in my absence, so please continue to stop by.

Why San Francisco? Each year I've taken a solo trip with one of my oldest and dearest friends from college. These trips started as a semi annual girls getaway (mostly to places where we have mutual friends to mooch off of), but has now become a yearly must do. I don't like to be gone from the boys (hubby included) for too long, but it is so nice to get away and rejuvenate. This is especially nice for me as I'm mostly surrounded by flatulence, dirt, odors, and general boyness. I love my boys dearly and never thought I'd have anything but boys. However, I do like to get out and nurture my inner girliness at least once a year. I recommend a solo getaway to all moms even if it is just spending the night at a downtown hotel.

This trip is also going to be an exploration of the SF area. As C begins his 6th year of residency (more details here), he will soon begin looking for work. Although my local friends don't like hearing about it, I have to keep my options open (believe me, this is harder for me than you). For the last 12 years I've lived at the mercy of medical school and residency. We've been fortunate that everything has always worked out for the best. However, for the first time in all these years, we actually have a say in where we want to be. While many factors have to fall into place, we do have to look at the big picture (job opportunity, schools, community, lifestyle, etc.). I'll report back with photos from the area.

Love this photo I found on Flickr:
Salt ponds in SF Bay, by Kevin Kemmerer

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