Saturday, April 25, 2009

Surgical photography never crossed my mind

My husband has really enjoyed taking photos in the past several years. For an amateur, he's taken some really great ones, too. We recently got a new camera (Nikon D60) and are both learning how to use it.

Recently, he took the camera to work. He's a 5th year neurosurgery resident and he wanted to take some pictures in the operating room. They ended up using them on the home page of the departments website!

I am quite impressed. The main photo looks very professional. Great lighting, close-up, no blood, etc.

So, this got me thinking... there must be a lucrative career in surgical or medical photography. There are not too many people who would be able to stomach taking these kinds of pictures. I know I couldn't do it! I can't even listen to his stories let alone look at the photos. If you are a photographer who doesn't faint at the site of blood or the sound of a drill, maybe it's something to consider.

Oh, and yes, we all (family and friends) love to use the phrase, "it's not neurosurgery" as often as possible around my husband. We also like to say, "maybe we should call a rocket scientist!" Poor guy!

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