Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leave it to cleavage!

We have a wedding to go to in May. Over the weekend, I came across a pretty black dress that fit quite nicely. The price was right and the style new and interesting. The problem is that it is low cut. It definitely shows cleavage!

I grew up in a very conservative environment where being modest was not simply encouraged but enforced. The school I went to had a dress code (skirts below the knee - even my cheerleading outfit). So, I think I still have some lingering issues with modesty. I never want to draw too much unwanted attention to myself yet, I hate limiting myself based on my own hangups. Of course, my husband isn't much help with this.

There is a very distinct difference between tasteful décolletage and blatant bosom baring. I've seen many tastefully dressed women in low cut dresses and often think nothing more than that they look great. Does anyone really notice and care? Is it just me? Should I get over it?

So, I ask you...tasteful or do you draw the line? And, be honest, do you judge a woman by her cleavage?

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