Friday, March 27, 2009

Warning: the following post contains blatant horn tooting!

Today's post is all about me (as if this entire blog isn't). I had quite a productive week and want to share.

First, here are some new items at à la mode :

seatbelt tote bag - black and gray medium

hardware necklace - steel movement
see it on my site
see it in my Etsy shop

I tried out my new Flip camcorder for the first time - see video below. I thought it would be fun to show the movement of the necklace above. Clearly I have a lot to learn in the world of digital video recording so don't be too critical of my first attempt. The thought of adding this dimension to my blog is quite appealing to me. Note: I cringe at the very idea that my bra straps are showing, but I'm treating this as a WYSIWYG adventure. Bare with me - pun intended. Also, I decided on a different name for the necklace.


Second, here a few sites that I popped up on this week. When you have a moment, stop by those sites and check them out!

Lastly, be sure to check out my zoomed local post on Scoutie Girl this week (usually posts later in afternoon). North Carolina was my focus this week.

If you know of great art shows and festivals in your area, please let me know about them. My posts on Scoutie Girl include upcoming shows in different areas, so I'd love to know about any in your neck of the woods!

Have a great weekend!

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