Monday, March 2, 2009

This week in preview

Starting this Friday I will be an official contributor of Scoutie Girl, an indie designers mecca. My focus will be on a few designers and events, where possible, by city. My own involvement in a great RI local group of artists and events has inspired to me to seek out the same in other areas of the country.

Jan DiCintio is the founder and designer extraordinaire of Scoutie Girl, Daisy Janie, and Daisy Janie blog. Her taste is impeccable and I've followed her for years for inspiration. Better still, she is a great person.

I will also continue to write for Girl Indie (-------->see icon on the right), another wonderful resource for independent designers. I feature finds for women (aka, things I want to buy for myself *wink, wink*).

A quick note about the Peace Providence show yesterday. What a fantastic event! Not only was it for a great cause (bringing awareness to violence against women and girls), but the gathering of women celebrating women was truly a liberating and energizing experience. I was so excited and envious to see moms and daughters bonding as women at this event (I have two boys - we bond in other ways). If you are local, please keep it on your radar for next year. In other cities, please visit here for listings of events in your area.

I'm off to work on many orders this week. I'll try to take some photos of my progress this week and post them along the way. Happy Monday!

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