Monday, March 30, 2009

Putting off the inevitable

This weekend was the perfect balance of family time and productivity, a very rare occurrence in my household.

Saturday, my husband took his last written exam for the next 10 or so years. It's something he has been studying for these past [sic] almost 5 years. A major milestone in his career and a big relief to us all. One hurdle down. Congratulations, Sweetie!

Saturday night, while my oldest was at a friends house and my husband and youngest son went to see a movie, I found myself quietly alone. I did a bit of work and then decided to indulge myself with a facial and some internet screen shopping (the next best thing to actually shopping). Now, I haven't given myself a facial in...well, years. I can't remember the last time. As a matter of fact, one of my face mask products had '06. I'm curious if others give themselves facials regularly so I've included this little poll.

Sunday was my productive day. I have been putting off cleaning out my closet because it was a huge task. I have a walk-in closest which can also serve as a dumping ground. It's one of those things for me that can quickly get out of control. Knowing that I wanted to do more then just straighten things, I've been saving this project for a rainy day. Yesterday was that day. So, with my family flitting about me, I did just that. Much to my surprise, I hadn't even fully unpacked from my trip to California several weeks ago (all clean summer clothes). I folded, sorted, disposed, vacuumed, etc. It feels great. I have a huge pile of clothes to give away. I got rid of all those wire hangers from the dry cleaner (returning them to be reused). Now I can actually see the floor. What a great feeling. I'd like to believe I'll be able to keep it this way.

No, those aren't the shoes from my closet. However, I did bring
back 8 pairs of them from Vietnam. We all have our vices, right?

Now, if I can just do the same with my studio/, I'll save that for another rainy day.

What's going on this week? I need to get ready for our Arts in RI show at the West Side Arts Gallery in Providence this Saturday and a baby shower for a friend. I'll be working on a custom "dude" bag and finishing taxes. What's on your agenda this week?

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