Thursday, January 8, 2009

My first sale on Zazzle

Sometime last year, I opened a shop at (a website that allows you to customize and sell tshirts, mugs, aprons, and more). I wanted a tshirt with my stylized Buddha photo on it. So, I figured that I'd set up a shop with some of my popular designs. I loved the idea of drinking my morning coffee with the words "no whining" on it (maybe it will remind the kids). And with some new babies coming into the family, I thought an "I'm not listening" onesie would be fun.

Zazzle is much like Cafepress in that one receives "royalties" from the sale of their designs on various merchandise. In other words, Zazzle uses my designs, the buyer chooses what they want it on (tshirt, mug, etc.), and I get the paid a percentage.

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

I had to check out the product myself and bought a "no whining" mug and a Buddha tshirt. I loved them both. I ultimately chose Zazzle because I liked the products they used. The printing on the tshirt is top quality and the mug is perfect (handle size is key). After my purchase, I sort of forgot about the shop. Mostly because it's a lot of work to promote and manage -- Etsy keeps me busy enough.

Much to my surprise, I received an email the other day saying I made a Buddha tshirt! What a buzz. I've done absolutely nothing by way of promotion, so now I feel I need to at least have it on my blog and minimally promote to see where this may go!

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