Friday, December 12, 2008

Bad year for US economy, good year for squirrels?!

"While the US continues to reel from the economic downturn, neighborhood squirrels seem to have had a good year," spoken in my best Ron Burgundy (anchorman) voice.

So I was driving my son to school the other morning and passed a yard that had at least 11 very fat squirrels hovering around the base of a tree. We stopped and counted them, having never witnessed so many squirrels in one location. It was almost a little creepy; sort of "The Birds" but without the attack.

This morning, while looking out at a very windy storm, I noticed a fat squirrel eating in the middle of the yard. He seemed completely unaware of flying branches and rain. Clearly, these squirrels are on a mission to prepare for winter.

The photo below is not of an actual squirrel in our neighborhood and is a slightly gross exaggeration of the size of our squirrels. However, ours are well on their way if they don't watch out.

I guess there is a lesson to be learned. We should always be diligent in our preparation for the future, no matter what the current economic climate may be.

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