Thursday, November 13, 2008

'Tis the season...novel novelty gifts

It is rare that I find a "toy" or novelty gift for the kids that actually works (and for more than 24 hours). My youngest received this Moo Mixer cup from his Nana last year. It is a battery operated cup that thoroughly mixes your milk and powder or liquid flavoring. This cup is pretty cool! My son loves to watch the vortex action and I love that I don't have to dirty an extra spoon. Even better, your drink stays mixed -- no flavoring settles in the bottom.

It's going on my list of gifts to buy and I may just buy one for myself. They now offer a larger size...the Moo Mixer Supreme!

You can purchase the Moo Mixer from a variety of places both online and in stores. Go to for details.

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