Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Invest in your art supplies!

Craft supply observation #1 yesterday...cheap sponge brushes shed, redistribute glue crappily (is that a word?), and do not last. Better quality sponges are the opposite, although they are a bit more expensive. I know, you'd wouldn't think such things matter in sponge brushes but they do!

I use these brushes in making my decoupage switch plates. Recently, I purchased a cheap pack from a superstore that shall remain unnamed. I wanted to throw them away the second I opened the pack but didn't have the nerve to "waste" them. Well, lesson learned! In the long run, spending a little more is so worth it.

This leads to observation #2... my paint brushes from college. I've had them for quite a few years (how many isn't relevant). They are like old friends to me. I even love their chipped handles and worn appearance. Recently, I foolishly bought a pack of cheap paint brushes thinking they'd be perfect for quick crafts. Wrong again! They were useless and a waste of my money.

So, if there is one lesson this experience has given me it would be to invest in quality supplies the first time. It saves money, time, your craft/art, and your piece of mind.

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