Monday, October 27, 2008

Design on a whim

Time and time again, I seem to come back to the basics with my designs. I like basic shapes, solid colors and simple details. I made this bag over the weekend and just love it!

So now I keep asking myself why I don't just stick with vinyl, grommets, square shapes, etc. I guess if we don't somehow push the envelope, then we don't grow and change (a metaphor for many aspects of life).

Lately, I've been motivated by my senses. I've been making exactly what I want at that particular moment. For example, I've cut out a bunch of bags from a tweed fabric but don't feel inspired to finish them. In the past, I would have forced myself to complete the bags. However, more recently, if I feel like making a random bag from whatever fabric I like (or trying out a new idea) I go with that. Truth be told, the results have been very pleasing. I've really enjoyed the freedom of creating on a whim.

Sometimes I feel scattered when I work. Multi tasking is putting it mildly. My desk and work spaces are set up like a triangle. I can swivel my chair and work on all three work spaces simultaneously. Just now, for example, I turned to my cutting board and began assembling a pendant before turning back to my computer to write this sentence. Sometimes I like how random the process is and other times I just feel unfocused. For now, I'm simply going with the flow.

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