Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Morning Madness - Post Pawtucket Arts Festival

One more arts festival down. Saturday, at the Pawtucket Arts Festival, was a lot of fun. It started slow, but picked up as the day went on. I made a number of sales, but it wasn't quite what I had hoped. I may have also picked up a great wholesale account.

What truly made my day was being with the Arts in RI team. What a great group of people, and I'm not just talking talent. We all really get along, support each other and have fun while actually being productive...what a rare situation!

Our team leader, Julie (left-juliebcreative), and team comedian, Tracy (right-steppingstones).

Here are some honorable mentions from our day:

Julie (juliebcreative) wins the best (and kooky) team leader award.

Lisa (pinklemonadeboutique) and Kim (KimVGlass) both receive the award for best sales of the day.

Katie (PhriendlyK8) wins the first sales of the day award.

Layla (dollfacedesign) was the dog whisperer for the day.

Tracy (seaglassdesigns& steppingstones) wins the most coveted comments Award. Overheard comments included (and I quote Tracy):

1. Look at the pretty sea glass, (throws) are you sh*ttin' me!!!!!

2. Can I just buy a chain??

3. Can you tell me where you buy your chains?

4. Seaglass??? I have a huge bowl of that at home!!!

5. Can you tell me how to drill stone??

6. What type of drill do you use??

7. Do I need a high powered drill??

8. Which RI beach do you collect your sea glass from??

9. Why is this stone more than that stone???

10. Can I join artsinri even though I don't make anything yet??

11. Can I have ten shells?? No.... wait.... he didn't ask!!!HE JUST FLUNKEN TOOK THEM!!!

Diana (dsbrennan) wins the most normal family and enjoyable wedding award.

Wendy (designsbywendy) wins the massive piece of furniture display award.

Paula (venbead) wins the accessorize the police officer award.

So, now onto preparing for the Foundry Show and Craftland! I'll be sewing and weaving like a fiend for the next 2 months!

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