Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning Madness

Weekend Recap:
I woke up this morning to a house full of boys. Well, I went to bed with the house full of boys - five, to be exact. I came home from a meeting (ArtsinRI) to find that my husband had invited 3 additional children to spend the night with our two. Actually, I really like the flurry of activity and seeing all of the boys happily playing.

Saturday, my husband and I went to the Newport Comedy Festival to see Joel McHale, from E's Talk Soup. What fun! I can always use a good laugh and Joel delivered! Most of his act, and the funniest, really focused on Hollywood (as to be expected) but it was still good. For those who like comedy, I just learned that Bob Saget is being roasted on August 17 on Comedy Central. Now, I imagine that you are rolling your eyes into the back of your head. "What, the guy from Full House?!" But, you'll be surprised to learn that Saget is a very different comedian than you'd expect. I'll put it this way, he certainly did not typecast himself. WARNING: if you google him, be careful that kids aren't around. For those of you who already know this...I have 2 words....The Aristocrats!

Okay, on to this week. I have to prepare for my trip to Seattle. I can't wait to see my sister/friend Sus and hang with her sans any children. Always a great time! I've also landed a few appointments for work, one including Amazon. They contacted me originally. Should be interesting.

Currently, I'm more worried about getting schedules squared away on the home front for my husband. He's great with taking over kid duty full time, but he's not used to the crazy schedule that we have when he's at work (camps, piano, football, karate, Japanese, did I mention football).

Things I must do this week:
1) Qtrly taxes
2) Application for a show I'm afraid to mention for fear of jinxing.
3) Finish newsletter

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