Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's Desktop Diary - bi annual newsletter

Deadlines! They stress me out but they also motivate me. Today, I hope to finish my summer newsletter. While this deadline is self imposed, it will haunt me until it's completed.

My online newsletter goes out twice a year - spring/summer and fall/winter. These newsletters really focus on my newest designs and any seasonal sales and exclusive discounts. They also announce upcoming shows and events. If you would like to receive the newsletter, you can sign up on the right of my blog.


I never send more than two a year and never share or sell my list. You can always opt out anytime by emailing me or simply clicking the unsubscribe link included on each email.

Next week, I'm heading to Seattle for both business and R&R. I'll be visiting my clients, seeking some new ones, and hopefully landing a meeting with Amazon. I'm definitely stopping by Archie McPhee for some laughs (and maybe pick up a new account). It's a huge novelty store that has thousands of gags, gifts, and generally hillarious items that you never knew you needed. Take, for instance, the worlds largest underpants:

I may be posting while I'm away, so do check back. Until then, have a fantastic weekend!

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