Thursday, June 26, 2008

A wine by any other name...

Some good friends, or so I thought, surprised me with this wine today. I love the label and won't read into its connotation. Actually, they say it isn't a bad wine. Some reviews I've read say the same. However, this bottle isn't being opened (or unscrewed). Another good friend of mine works for Rainier Winery, the makers of Mad Housewife Wine, in Seattle. I haven't tried the wine yet (hint, hint) but intend to in a few weeks when I visit her. So far, it isn't offered on the east coast. Wine aside, the marketing is fantastic. Much like the aforementioned Bitch wine, I'd buy Mad Housewife just for the label and fun packaging.
As we approach the weekend, I'd like to offer a women and their wines...and I don't mean their kids.

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