Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday's Desktop Diary - tools of the trade

Here are some tools I can't live without. I use at least 2 of them every day! Some of these have been with me since college so I consider them old friends.

1. my seam ripper - this actually came with my first sewing machine and I'm totally attached to it.

2. my sewing scissors - these were cheap but I love how they cut close to seams. They are very handy and sit by my sewing machine. I should probably buy another pair.

3. my brayer - I've had this since college and have used it for various projects. I mostly use it with for my switch plates but grab it anytime an air bubble appears on anything.

4. x-acto knife - We have a love/hate relationship. I can't function without it being sharp yet I cut my fingers constantly when it is sharp. I've had this since my days in design school when I had to cut foam core to make models.

5. jewelery pliers - I don't know the official names of these two tools, but they certainly do the job. The black ones, in particular, are very job specific. They make perfect loops for pendants, earrings, etc.

6. metal ruler - Again, an old college friend. I can't cut a straight line with my x-acto knife w/out it.

I must also mention my computer, my sewing machine, and my camera. Without them, I would not have a business. But, like all jobs in life, its the little guys who make it easier and more efficient.
Have a great weekend and happy father's day!

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