Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Caught in a storm

So, it's officially day two of the kids summer vacation here. My youngest son, E, is at camp. My oldest son, M, is at home this week. M and I decided to take a 7 mile bike ride to our favorite wrap shack. It began to rain.

We made it about 4 miles and stopped at another place to eat. Then decided to head home. I began raining harder.

We were about 1/2 mile from home and KAPOW...a huge lightening bolt struck very close. So close and loudly that I ran off the path. It was so bright that for some time after we could still see the bolt when we closed our eyes. It rained harder.

We made it home and safely inside when the rain and winds really picked up! M turned on the TV to see that a major storm warning was in effect with dangerous winds and severe rain. It came quickly! It rained even harder.

It was a little scary but kind of fun! Our first summer adventure!

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