Monday, May 19, 2008

This week in preview

So, what's in store for this week? Perhaps if I post a list, I'll accomplish more of it...nah! I will revisit the list later this week to see how I've done.

1) Finish and ship order for a store.

2) Ship reorder to a store.

3) Prepare for Memorial Day arts/crafts fair (I'll post the list of supplies I take later this week).

4) Sew, decoupage, sew, decoupage, sew...

5) Run to printer for more order forms and line sheets.

6) Photograph and list new items.

7) Update website.

I am completely plugged into all kinds of electronic organizers. My phone is what I lovingly refer to as a crackberry - one of those all in one calender/email/phone/camera. I use outlook (my household is run like an office). But nothing beats good old fashioned post it notes. My desk would look like the photo above if I'd let it.

What keeps you focused, on course, and otherwise productive throughout your week?

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