Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sweet, sweet surpirse

I'm pretty new at this blogging stuff but am coming to really enjoy it. More than anything it has connected me to some really great people, whom I'd never have known.

Whenever possible, I like to roll down blogger street and see what's going on with my new friends. What better place to start than in my own blog roll (to your right). So, today I clicked on psilology and much to my surprise, saw that I was given a blog award! Let me tell you, that is a nice way to start a day!

So, I am going to pay it forward by bestowing this award to 5 of my favorite blogs:

1) Scoutie Girl - just an awesome indie blogger blogging about indie designers...Jan rocks!

2) Arts in RI - a great group of extremely talented, hard working, and nice RI artists!

3) ecolect - an awesome resource for sustainable design!

4) kidoinfo - a wonderful parent resource!

5) Making it Lovely - great design from my old haunt, the OP!

I'm a huge fan of all the blogs in my blog roll, so it was hard to choose! Thank you, psilology! You made my day!

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